Fog and air conditioning systems

Thanks to the automation of air conditioning, you can achieve efficient harmony between all climatic factors.

Intelligent control software and precision sensors enable seamless interaction of all climate control processes such as heating, shading, ventilation and lighting. Detailed descriptions and graphics give an impression of the conditions inside and outside the greenhouse. Climate control takes into account not only the current weather, but also the weather forecast. For example, the greenhouse temperature can be adjusted to the weather of the coming days. Windows can even be closed in advance of an impending rainstorm

Greenhouse Applications

The ideal living environment of living organisms in seedbeds, flower greenhouses, and produce greenhouses deteriorates under conditions of too hot or too cold, excessive humidity, or low humidity.

Greenhouses cannot provide a healthy growing environment for produce, especially in summer temperatures. The intense heat that occurs while plants are growing slows growth. In addition, the monitoring and maintenance of products by employees is negatively affected as working conditions in the greenhouse become increasingly difficult.

With the Genfog system, a temperature drop of up to 15 ° C can be achieved by evaporating the water particles spraying from the fog nozzle by absorbing the heat of the air.

According to the desired humidity levels, the humidity can be increased up to 95% or the environment can be further cooled by expelling the humid air. As the temperature drops, more suitable conditions for the working environment and plant growth are created, reducing the waste rate and increasing productivity.

Outdoor cooling

The aim is to make open spaces a livable and comfortable environment with the cooling provided by reducing the ambient temperature to 15° C in open areas.

It is used very effectively in the open areas of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, in the seating areas of pools and beaches, in many sports areas such as tennis courts, hiking trails and golf courses.

Cooling Systems

The air circulated over the cold room evaporator leaves the moisture inside the evaporator surfaces while passing through the cooling fins.

This situation causes the evaporator to snow in a short time. The only way to stop this process, which causes the product to directly lose moisture (weight), is to gain moisture in the room in a controlled manner.

In addition, at the beginning of the season, when the cold rooms have not yet entered the regime (at plus degrees) and the entry and exit of products is at a high level, humidification is very important until the room is completely filled and regime. If during this time the desired humidity in the cold room can not be maintained, the environment begins to absorb moisture from the products, which leads to a serious loss of weight of the products. Controlled humidification is required to prevent all these problems caused by lack of humidity. In this step, the GENFOG humidification system should be activated. It is sprayed at high pressure through special nozzles and released into the environment in very small particles. As a result, the interior of the room is kept under control at the desired relative humidity of 90 – 95%.

Animal shelters

GENFOG humidification systems can be used to cool the environment in animal shelters to 10-15 °C and humidify at the desired rates.

In this way, an ideal living environment for animals can be created. This increases the quantity and quality of the product. Dairy cows are stressed especially at high temperatures. Depending on the temperature, this stress affects the milk productivity of cows. The ideal environment for the animals is cooled and the optimal environment is provided.

By selecting feeding areas near the cooling sections, directing cows to these areas and providing more feeding, more fed cows and productivity increases are achieved. In addition, suitable and healthy working environments, dust removal, disinfection and odor control can be provided in these shelters.

Animal mortality rates on production farms increase, especially in the summer due to high ambient temperatures. Controlled climate control is needed to avoid these adverse conditions caused by ambient weather conditions. Existing humidification and air conditioning systems have higher operating costs and also do not provide adequate and homogeneous air conditioning. GENFOG humidification systems provide homogeneous air conditioning and controlled humidification at the desired rate.

GENFOG Fogging and Air Conditioning equipment and spare parts are produced in GENFOG factories. Please call us for the products you need.

Nozzle Flows According to Working Pressures (Liter/hour)

Nozzle Orifice Diameter100 Bar (1400 Psi)80 Bar (1150 Psi)70 Bar (1000 Psi)

Electricity Consumption of Pumps at Various Flow Rates According to Working Pressures (kwh)

Pump TypePump Flow RateWorking PressuresEnergy consumptionWeight
XWL 42.15 N42 l/min11,09 gpm150 bar2200 psi16 hp11,8 kW1450 N°giri/1'16 kg
XWL 50.15 N50 l/min13,20 gpm150 bar2200 psi20 hp15 kW1450 N°giri/1'ri/1’16 kg
XWP 70.15N70 l/min18,5 gpm150 bar2200 psi27 hp20 kW1450 N°giri/1'17,6 kg
RTX 100.120N100 l/min26,4 gpm120 bar1740 psi30 hp22 kW1450 N°giri/1'32,5 kg

Automatic Filter

Hydrofilt VDF/VHF filters are hydraulically controlled fully automatic backwash filters. For this automatic backwash process, no additional energy is required, only pumping of water is sufficient. The pressure created by the speed of the water absorbed by the pump and the filtering element is cleaned with fully automatic backwash, that is, the filter is cleaned by itself. While this backwash mechanism is operating, the filtration process continues. The dirty water produced in the process is automatically discharged during backwashing.

Product CodeInlet/OutletABL1LDFlow rate Filter SurfaceWeight
VDF-10252 1/2"6537526744087510"50131728
  • Product Name 22 mm Press Nipple
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 12 mm Pres Nipple
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 22 mm Press Tee
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 22-12 mm Press Tee Reduction
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 12 mm Tee
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 22 mm Press Nipple Fitting
  • Type of Material SS 303
  • Product Name 22-12 mm Press Adapter
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 12 mm Nipple Pipe Fitting
  • Type of Material SS 304
  • Product Name 22 mm Pres Elbow
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 12 mm Elbow
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 22 mm Pipe
  • Type of Material SS 304
  • Product Name 12 mm Pipe
  • Type of Material SS 304
  • Product Name Nozzle Pipe
  • Product Name Nozzle Set (Tip, valve, spring, body)
  • Type of Material SS 316
  • Product Name 22 mm Pipe Locker
  • Product Name 12 mm Pipe Locker
  • Product Name Ball Valve
  • Product Name Manometer
  • Product Name Flange
  • Product Name High Pressure Pump
  • Product Name Back Flushing Filter
  • Filtration 20-2000 micron (µ)
  • Max Working Pressure 10 Bar (145 PSI)