Goals and Principles

Since our foundation, our goal has been to be a symbol of continuity and seriousness in the country and in the world agriculture, with an understanding that respects the environment and customer satisfaction, offering products and services in universal quality standards. Together with our employees we work for the best for this purpose.

Our first goal is to create value for our customers with the experience we have gained in different regions of the world to achieve the quality they need. We understand the importance of consulting before the sale and working with our customers after the sale.

Our greatest goal is to use our factories to produce the equipment that the modern greenhouse industry needs, minimize dependence on foreigners, and with the pride of contributing to the country’s economy, lead the industry and quickly become one of the top five companies in the world.

The formation of the right product and service that provides maximum benefit begins with the competence and experience of our people. We never give up the continuity of quality and innovation and providing the desired environment where they can benefit from the talents, experience, strength and creativity of our employees and create an environment of collaboration and solidarity.

We are aware of our responsibility towards future generations and develop products that respect the environment and nature. Fairness, maximum benefit, goodwill, full compliance with laws and ethical rules are our unchanging principles.