Our brands


Our company was established in 2007 with the name GENFOG™ Klima Sistemleri Ltd. in Istanbul. Our GENFOG™ Company acts as a provider of interior equipment for Modern Soilless Agriculture Greenhouse Projects. Our GENFOG™ Company, which has completed its branding process through its service in many countries around the world, continues its activities successfully.


Another brand of our company, GENFAN™️, is providing services in the field of modern greenhouse interior equipment by producing high-quality circulation fans. In order for the plants growing in the greenhouse to reach sufficient oxygen, the homogeneous distribution of the air, temperature and humidity inside is very important. GENFAN™️ circulation fans work with low energy consumption and high efficiency. It provides the most suitable circulation in the greenhouse in line with the needs of the plants.


Gutter systems, plant hanging systems, gutter stands can be listed among other important parts of modern greenhouse interior equipment and enable soilless agriculture. Like many solutions used in modern greenhouses we offer, we also produce our suspended gutter system within our GENTECH™️ brand. Our suspended gutter systems are designed to reach the highest efficiency by consideration of many different and crucial factors, such as the water distribution of the plants and the control of product growth.


Indoor climate control, which is one of the main starting reasons behind greenhouse agriculture, enables us to create the conditions we want to grow plants regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. GENCOOLING™️ offers solutions by controlling important factors such as humidity and temperature, and provides the most suitable environment for the plants growing in the greenhouse.