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PRIDE Irrigation Solutions

Irrigation is of great importance for efficient and sustainable production in greenhouse cultivation. It is necessary to use the right irrigation system and reliable automation for guidance. Most of the time, the water and fertilizer needs of the plants change depending on the climatic factors both during the growth stage and at other stages. The PRIDE Irrigation Unit is designed to be compatible with different automation systems and it adjusts the water and fertilizer mixture balance in the fastest and most precise way with its unique fertilization method, while minimizing the reaction time. As a result, it sends the amount of water and fertilizer demanded by the grower to the plants in the most efficient and stable manner in the irrigation and fertilization process. One of the problems generally experienced in irrigation systems in the market is that water and fertilizer cannot be sent to the root zone of the plant at the desired values ​​and an unbalanced fertilizer distribution is experienced between irrigation periods. This means both costs for the grower and a waste of resources. PRIDE Irrigation Solutions offers solutions tailored to the grower’s needs and ensures you get the most out of every drop of water.

UV Systems

After the water and fertilizer solution drained from the plants are collected in the drainage pits, they are passed through the UV unit and disinfection is ensured by cleaning all existing pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. PRIDE Irrigation Unit reads the water salinity before entering the machine and uses the desired EC amount mixed from reverse osmosis and clean drainage. In this way, significant amounts of fertilizer are saved and the water can be used many times, collected, disinfected and added to the circulation again. Our automation-operated UV systems are equipped with the highest security measures and have been developed to operate in the most sensitive way for many years with the right maintenance.

Long Lasting Use

Each of our irrigation solutions is designed for long-term use. All the parts and pumps we use on the PRIDE Irrigation Unit are the world’s best quality and well-known brands. For example, one of the most vital parts of an irrigation unit is dosing pumps. Unlike many pumps on the market, these pumps work without contact with fertilizers and acids, and it is possible to use them for much longer years.

Pressure Control

The amount of water sent to the drips is under your control while the water and fertilizer mixture sent to the greenhouse is stabilized at a stable pressure and feeding valve groups of different sizes in the PRIDE Irrigation Unit. The fertilizer is provided exactly to the desired point in the desired amounts and it is ensured that each plant is watered equally at the same time. The amount of water transmitted from the drips is not affected by the changes that may occur in the water pressure. In this way, plants are not exposed to water stress.


Each of our irrigation solutions aims to optimize the use of water in the greenhouse. Our units, which are controlled by automation systems, are one of the most important factors that save our investors time, energy and money in the greenhouse. With the recirculation, filtration and reuse of water, you can be sure that every drop of water is used in the best way. Operations such as adjusting the pH value of the water and fertilizing can be done easily with the automation system. It is possible to prevent unnecessary irrigation and reduce labor costs with timed irrigation processes. The harmonious operation of each system within the scope of the unit is realized through automation.

Fertilizer Control

The water purified by reverse osmosis provides an environment where you can provide the fertilizer needed for the growth of plants with water in a controlled manner. Unlike standard irrigation systems, the solutions coming from the tanks in the PRIDE Irrigation Unit are mixed in the mixing tank at the exact ratios with fine optimizations and the best results are always achieved. You can track the amount of fertilizer used from the fertilizer tanks with flow meters, which are not available in many irrigation systems, and you can even manually regulate the dosage flow. In this way, you will get the most accurate fertilizer mixture by resetting the difference between the tanks. In addition, thanks to the fertilizer dosing line placed on the filling pumps, your fertilizer mixture is prepared faster and mixed much better. However, the fluctuation in nutrient concentration in feedings made with irrigation is minimized and the efficiency of fertilizer use increases.

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